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Queen Bitch From Hell
A Brit series that was then picked up by Netflix for the US. It takes up around 75 years after the Vikings series saga and has a really hot lead that plays a Saxxon lordling that was captured by the Danes after they butchered his father & his army at a battle. His slimy uncle would have killed him to steal his title if they hadn't snatched him. He was "off watching he cattle" as an older teen younger 20s when that family also was attacked [which hs uncle was also involved in to murder him when he heard he was still alive] and goes on to his trials and tribulations from there as he pans on getting his keep and full title bak. As this series is a bit more sexually racey and filed with mmmore drama serial intrigue ifff sliding further away from the reality of the times or any times in antics it would probably appeal to the ones that like the Tudors and such series. One thing it does really adequately portray iiis the corruption and self serving of the church. The series has just been slated for it's third second and i am almost caught up with the rest of the second.

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