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Authorities say Kevin Ferron is behind bars and charged with attempted murder for the attack on Anna Koosmann.

The victim is his girlfriend, police said.

KCAL9’s Cristy Fajardo talked to neighbors — most of whom did not want to appear on camera. But they told her fights were not new in this couple’s apartment. Police were even called to the location on Christmas day.

“There were about four or five cops hanging around here, which is super atypical of this area,” says, neighbor Lucca Pactrucci.

Neighbors in the building on the 100 block of Sixth Street described a tumultuous and unstable relationship

Koosmann has made the news before. She went viral in 2016 after she and her then boyfriend were arrested on a Delta flight for being unruly because a flight attendant wouldn’t let her use the restroom

Neighbors say, unfortunately, they too saw disruptive behavior in their complex

Booking information shows Ferron was arrested at least four times in the last year The most recent for a felony on January 21. And just weeks before, for what became a misdemeanor charge on Christmas day.


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"Don' take him away officer, he's a good man! I fail asleep in the driveway and he ran over mah haid wit' the truck!" -Bill Hicks, on that woman on COPS

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