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LONDON, KY — Police in Kentucky arrested a dozen people on a variety of charges after investigating community complaints about suspected drug dealing.

There are good neighbors and there are bad neighbors, and then there are neighbors that are a blight on not just the neighborhood, but on humanity as well. Sometimes everyone in the neighborhood is painfully aware of their depredations, sometimes it's hidden below the surface like a pestilential rot.

Neighbors like the Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (and if you haven't seen that particular documentary, you should).

Police found a nest of them in a house off Bryant's Way in London, Kentucky. They were apparently of the obstreperous variety, as it was complaints about jackassery and suspected drug-dealing at the residence that led the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office to this particular den of depravity and vice.

They would find that the neighborhood suspicions were correct, if not a bit optimistic; not only were drugs being sold on the premises, the house was apparently being used as a smokehouse for Hillbilly Hash. And wherever meth is smoked, the potential for Really Bad Stuff increases astronomically, and property values take a corresponding nosedive.

You want methheads to buy their meth and go the hell home and smoke it. You do not want them hanging around to further fry their cottage-cheese brains, and you definitely do not want them doing it in groups.

That was exactly the scenario when officers arrived at the house on December 2nd. I'm sure there was bedlam, hollering, resisting, crying and lying, and I bet it took a good minute and a bunch of cops to get things sorted out.

The end result was an even dozen zip-tied miscreants spread down the driveway and along the sidewalk, their sullen numbers mute testimony to the extent of the metastization of this particular pocket of societal decay.

Nice thing to come home to from Sunday church.

In addition to the Dirty Dozen, deputies found a bit over an ounce of meth, as well as "needles, straws and pipes."

Three people were charged with drug trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia— Bradley Walters, 28, Jacob Mosgrove, 24, and Ashley Jackson, 39— and David Combs, 31, got the same plus a bonus charge for promoting contraband.

Rachelelaren Patterson, 20, was so fucked up that she drew a public intoxication charge. Someone should be charged for giving her the name, I think.

Four more people got charged for paraphernalia: Jaelan Carroll, 18, Tiffany L. Wardrup, 28, Dylan Mosely, 23, and Jeremiah R. Smith, 37.

Two other people, unnamed in the source article, were arrested for outstanding warrants.

Rounding out the dozen was hapless Hannah Gabrielle Craft, 20, who picked the wrong time to go flying down the wrong side of the street. She got a DUI charge.

I feel bad for the neighbors. It looks like a decent enough street of starter homes. Meth is worse on property values than cockroaches, crab grass, and abandoned cars put together. Mass afternoon arrests have to be even worse.

Maybe they got them all. Neighbors can only hope.


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Depressing they werent all put to the sword

All drug users deserve to die, especially methhead filth

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