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my name is Olivia, i am 34 from Seattle. I am an artist, most recently I was a victim of a violent rape and assault back in 2017. The man broke into my apartment while I was sleeping, i woke up in the dark to him standing over my head staring at me. He tortured me for four hours, jumped on my head wearing steel toe boots, strung me up by my neck on the shower rod and raped me while beating me. It all ended in the living room when he tried to cut my face off with glass and the neighbors broke in and tackled him. I feel like I can talk about that here because fuck what happened to me should have ended up here oh well. I try and use that experience in my art, fuck a therapist. I smoke weed. I love my boyfriend, i love my bearded dragon and i love my cats. <3


And they love you too

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