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According to a police report obtained by DawgNation.com, freshman Bulldogs sprinter Elija Godwin fell backward onto a javelin that was planted into the ground at the UGA track on Tuesday. It struck him just below his shoulder blade and left him with a punctured and collapsed lung. Upon arriving at the scene, rescue workers "grinded off" the part of the javelin that was sticking out of Goodwin.

He was rushed to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center after the javelin pierced him, per the Associated Press. The freshman is expected to make a full recovery and remains in stable condition following surgery to remove the piece that was inside of him.

"It was truly an accident," Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told DawgNation.com. "Nobody threw anything or anything like that."

McGarity added thanks to the local authorities for assisting during the incident and helping Goodwin get to the hospital.

"We would like to express appreciation for all those who acted so quickly and efficiently in coming to the aid of Elija," Ron Courson, the school's director of sports medicine, said through a UGA statement on Wednesday. "Special thanks to our sports medicine staff, UGA Police Department, Athens-Clarke County Fire-Rescue, National EMS, and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center."

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The injury was caused after Godwin ran into the javelin as he and his fellow sprinters did backward sprints on the track, according to police. The javelin had been “left on the ground at an angle” and Godwin was moving fast as he backed into it. It was actually the rear part of the javelin that caused the injury, which resulted in “a large amount of blood in the grass.”

He just didn't fall backwards, he was doing backward sprints and the rear of the javelin went through him.

Fucking ow!

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From the link.
. Godwin, who reportedly suffered a punctured lung during the incident, accidentally fell backwards onto a javelin that was implanted into the ground at Georgia’s track and field facility.

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