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A regionally recognized Police Chief who led a crusade against internet predators has resigned from the PeachTree City,GA force effective immediately.

James Murray stepped down after being confronted about the explicit material on his computer by the City Manager. Sex chats are not against the law, but are against PeachTree City policy. The IT techs also found searches for x-rated materials on the computer James used.


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Murray's department has an active Internet sex crimes unit that has gained regional notoriety for arrests of on line sex predators... The Georgia State Senate even passed a resolution praising Murray and the unit for "their ongoing undercover operation to crack down on online predators."
Bet they wished they'd kept that praise to themselves now. :lol:

"I can tell you it’s like going to a big, empty field and putting a big plate of ice cream on a blanket and walking away for an hour - and coming back and finding out how many ants and flies are there," Murray said in one interview about the unit's undercover work on the Internet.
I guess this time someone came back early and caught the Chief with his dick in the mashed potatos.

Hoisted on his own petard... pass the gravy, y'all.

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