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@Blunderbuss Firozabad I like statistics, it's what I deal with everyday for work. The conclusion I wanted you to draw is that I agree with you, and the statistics agree with you. @JacquesAzz is very extreme in his opinions, and has one of the highest negative reaction per post ratio that I've ever seen, even more alarming since it's a culmination of posts from different threads. The only person that I've seen that I can closely relate to him is @JackBurton

The major difference is that @JackBurton is rational, and will actually consider the facts of the case, and somewhat modify his initial position if there's a major change in the story. I think it's the rigid irrationality that pushes @JacquesAzz to have such a higher negative ratio than anyone else.

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Incidents like this is what will make more people not stop when they accidentally hit someone (when aware). Did any of the adults who were allegedly watching these children think to take a snap shot of the license and call the cops.

Remember this story

Yes I do! Didn’t they catch the shooter because he said “daddy’s gonna kill the bad man” while on the phone with 911

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