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The parents of a 6-month-old infant who suffered multiple fractures, including to his head, have been arrested.

Esperanza Valdez, 18, denied causing the injuries to her son but could not say how the boy was hurt, according to an arrest affidavit. Police first arrested the father, Riley Garza, 19.

Police said Child Protective Services has custody of the child.

An initial assessment revealed the child had multiple serious head trauma injuries, including a skull fracture on the left side, bleeding between the brain and the skull, swelling to the left eye, bruising and swelling to the right and left sides of his forehead, bruising inside his left ear, bruising on the scalp near the left ear and bruising to his left hand, states the affidavit.

A CPS investigator spoke to Garza and Valdez.

Garza first stated that he had found the child crying face down on the bedroom floor. Garza added that he and Valdez had left the boy alone on their bed as they watched television and had dinner in the living room, according to court documents.

Garza allegedly claimed that the fall had caused the skull fracture to his son, states the affidavit. He later told the investigator that he was going to be honest. He stated he may have accidentally hit the baby with a bottle while feeding him, according to court documents.

Garza further stated that he had smoked hydro marijuana and regular marijuana. This caused him to be "high that day" and "super high as fuck," and could not remember when it happened, states the affidavit.

He added that the child had been "fussy" lately because the boy was teething. He and Valdez hardly slept that night because the child woke them up at 1 a.m., 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., according to court documents.

Valdez confirmed that her son had trouble sleeping because he was teething. She also confirmed that she and Garza were in the living room and left their child alone in their bedroom. But she put pillows around the child so that he would not roll off the bed, according to the affidavit.

Valdez told Garza to check on the child because they heard him crying. Garza then called Valdez into the room and told her that their son had fallen off the bed, the affidavit states. Then, Garza, Valdez and relatives took the child to Doctors Hospital South.

Valdez alleged that the child's bruises on the left hand came from the boy holding the rails on his crib. She added she did not hear the child falling off the bed, according to court documents.

At Driscoll, an examination revealed the child had inflicted injuries, states the affidavit.

"The bruising on the child's left hand was attributed to broken bones in the hand, which were in various stages of healing that the child had been suffering of the fractures for some time," the affidavit states.

The doctor added that the child's injuries to the neck were consistent strangulation, states the affidavit.
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For anyone that doesn't know the difference.
I did a test grow a couple of years ago.
I made clones from the same mother and grew two plants in soil and two hydroponic. The end result was the same. I do need to say tho, the soil grown plants were much larger and had more than double yield.

This guy is a baby abusing asshole.
That's it folks. And the mother is a cunt for trying to cover his ass. Fuck both of these cunts.
Soil is better for:

  • Ease – it is more straightforward than hydroponic growing
  • Price – it is cheaper to grow outdoor in soil as you need less equipment
  • Bigger yields as your plants have space to grow as big as they like
Hydroponics is better for:

  • Control – in a hydroponic set up you can control the temperature, lighting and humidity
  • Flavor – thanks to the controlled environment hydroponically grown cannabis is likely to be tastier
  • Speed – cannabis plants grow faster when grown hydroponically

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Any time the perp says anything except "I'm a sorry piece of shit and that's why I hurt the child" we know they are lying. A normal functioning adult who actually does accidentally injure a child doesn't start making excuses. No, they blame themselves. You can always tell who's guilty by who's giving the excuses.

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