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There are still many questions surrounding the shooting death of a two-year-old boy in Visalia Thursday night.

The boy's father has been arrested for his death, but it's unclear how the boy was shot
In May of this year, a Tulare County judge awarded custody of a two-year-old boy to the child's mother.

The boy's father, William Stallworth, would get to see his son on weekends and Tuesdays.

Both parents were ordered to attend co-parenting classes. And Stallworth, for unknown reasons, was ordered to attend anger management classes.

Late Thursday night, police announced that they arrested Stallworth on suspicion of killing his two-year-old son, identified as William Stallworth II.

The boy was found with a gunshot wound to his head outside a home on Sweet Court.

"So the incident occurred inside of a vehicle that was parked at this address. We do know that there was a firearm inside that vehicle," Salazar said. "And from there is what we're still trying to determine as to how events occurred-whether or not it was an intentional type of act or an accidental."

Salazar couldn't say whether Stallworth fired the shot that hit his son, but could confirm the gun was close to the child.

And according to witnesses, there may have been another man in the area at the time of the shooting, who reportedly took off with the gun that shot the boy.

Police say they need to find that man and the gun in order to get a clearer picture of what happened.

They've heard from Stallworth, but aren't revealing what he has said about the shooting.

He's being held at the Tulare County Pre-Trial Facility, and if charged, could be arraigned on Monday.

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Turdstain had a chance to get a free ride to college and not be in a position to murder his toddler son. He was a high school "Athlete of the Year" and twice a California "State Grid-Hoop Player of the Year". Fucker could have played either college basketball or football.

Good enough to play either sport in college, Stallworth will likely have to decide which one he wants to concentrate on sooner rather than later, although he may attempt to play both sports on the junior college level first.

Many grid-hoopers have aspirations of playing in the NBA, but in reality most who do play professionally make it in the NFL. That will likely be the case among those who are lucky enough to make it from this special group of players.[...]
but it appears he chose to get high and commit grand theft, than to take advantage of his gifts.
A former star high school athlete was arrested and booked on grand theft allegations.

William Stallworth, 20, a former Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register Athlete of the Year, was arrested after Tulare police officers showed up to a party early Sunday morning and contacted Stallworth.

When they ran Stallworth's name, they found that the Tulare Union High School graduate had a felony grand theft arrest warrant. Tulare Sgt. Greg Merrill said the warrant was for $25,000 and because of the relatively low amount, Stallworth was released after being cited by jail officials.

Merrill said the warrant didn't originate from the city of Tulare, only noting that alleged crime occurred in Tulare County.
— Eric Woomer

He opened a twitter account a year after graduating HS, and posted crap, my favorite is:



William "What does my NBA future and my son have in common? I murdered them" Stallworth

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CourtDate - CourtTime
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I think this is domestic violence & anger management..
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Stallworth: Your honor, my son was a damn fool. He should be on trial for self-murder.
Judge: He's dead.
Stallworth: Punishment fits the crime.
Judge: He's dead because of your negligence.
Stallworth: You don't know that.
Judge: You routinely let your son play with your gun.
Stallworth: I don't know what that boy gets up to.
Judge: He's only two!
Stallworth: And playing with guns.
Judge:...Jesus Christ.

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.... The couple frequently argued about Stallworth not contributing financially.

On November 9, 2014, Stallworth texted Melanie M. and asked her to give him $10. They began arguing over text messages and the fight escalated. Stallworth texted that he was going to kill Melanie M.

20 years old and asking his baby-mama for 10-fucking-dollars. His glory days ended at his high school graduation and he became an embarrassing failure right after. Why do women even go out with these stupid, abusive, fuckers?
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