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he young woman in the back seat of Tommy Wayne Beard’s car, disguised as an Uber, was passed out and had no idea how she got in the Alabama man’s car or why he had taken photos of her while she was unconscious.

In fact, police say he had a number of photographs of unconscious college-age girls he’d taken, all passed out in his car.

Now police are looking for other victims.

According to police reports and local media accounts, police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a sheriff’s deputy noticed what they determined to be a suspicious car near a Northport, Alabama highway in the very early morning hours Saturday. The driver was identified as Beard. Police found an unconscious young woman, a 22-year-old University of Alabama student, in the backseat.

When awakened, the woman told deputies she did not know how she ended up in the car with Beard.

Her last memory was of her leaving a downtown Tuscaloosa club.

According to reports, at first, Beard said he was an Uber driver “taking the intoxicated woman home.” After further questioning, Beard confessed to buying an Uber sign and putting it in his car. He said he pretended to be an Uber driver and admitted he was “picking up people and giving them rides.”

It turned out that Beard had a number of “photographs of college-aged females that appeared to be unconscious while they were in the backseat of his vehicle in his cell phone,” local media reported.

The man confessed to police that he had taken pictures of girls that were either intoxicated or otherwise passed out or unconscious “in his vehicle when giving them rides.”

Police do not clarify if he picked them up in that condition or if something else occurred in his car.


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