Featured Dylan Tate Gets Charge Upgrade: Murder and Molestation

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ANDERSON, IN — Dylan Tate, previously charged with neglect in the horrific death of his girlfriend's 18-month-old son, has received extra charges for child molestation and murder in connection with the toddler's slaying.

Dylan Tate is about as violently murderous a boyfriend as any cock-hungry no-wanna-momma could want. And he'll give your little boy the Bonus Plan, too: some nice violent molesting to go with that fatal beating.

That's according to prosecutors in Anderson, Indiana, who went to visit Tate in jail to give him some good news: he's getting some bonus charges: molestation and murder!

Tate is in jail because his girlfriend's 18-month-old son, Harlan Haines, ended up dead on his watch.

On February 25th, Tate showed up at Community Hospital with Harlan, claiming that he had crashed his car, with Harlan in it, on the way there.

That was his cover story to explain away the fact that Harlan was beat to absolute shit and dying.

Harlan wouldn't survive. Hospital staff found part of a napkin in his airway, and an inhumanly-long list of injuries to his entire body. This little boy was brutalized.

At the time, Tate and Harlan's faux-mother, Jennifer Harris, were charged with neglect in Harlan's horrific death. On October 2nd, prosecutors flipped the script and gave Tate the Bonus Plan, handing him a mega-upgrade on his charges that will ensure his popularity around the cellblock.

The molestation charges are borne out by some of the injuries listed at the link above. The murder charges are borne out by all of them.

And, of course, in no surprise to anyone, we find that DPS had been involved with this particular dysfunctional pseudo-family in the past and had, predictably, failed to do anything at all to protect Harlan.

Indiana Department of Child Services were contacted in December of 2017 when Harlan was taken to the hospital with two black eyes and a fractured leg. Momma's story was that a Christmas tree fell on him.

Deck the halls with boughs of bullshit.

Hospital staff didn't buy it, but apparently IDCS did, closing their investigation in a few weeks with no findings of abuse or neglect. Rodney Cummings, a Madison County prosecutor, later stated his belief that "the police should have been involved in this case and weren’t" and noted that IDCS did not even do a home visit as part of their investigation.

So, with Harlan returned to the tender mercies of Momma and Momma's violent Penis-of-the-Moment, the ending is preordained- written in the blood of the innocent by the Fates, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Harlan wouldn't live to see another Christmas.

Tate is facing 65 to 115 years on the two new charges.

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