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When Tanita Brenssell's boyfriend of a couple of months offered to look after her 11-month-old son, Israel, she found the help a welcome change to the men she had dated in the past.

A month later the baby was dead.

An inquest into the 2015 death of Israel Bodean Brenssell-Rimene began at the Coroners Court of Victoria on Tuesday.

Israel died at Hamilton Base Hospital in Hamilton, west of Melbourne on July 13, after being found face down in his cot covered in vomit by Quinton Thompson, who was dating Ms Brenssell.

Counsel assisting the coroner Rachel Ellyard told the court Israel was pulled out of childcare in June and Mr Thompson had taken on increasing responsibility for his care.

"Ms Brenssell found this helpful and quite a change from her past experiences with partners and their willingness to help," she said.
But in the days before his death, Ms Brenssell noticed a bruise between Israel's eyes that spread.

"She attributed the bruise to a toy being thrown into his cot and hitting him," Ms Ellyard said.
The night before Israel's death, Ms Brenssell heard a "loud bang" from the bathroom, where Mr Thompson had been showering with the baby.

Mr Thompson told her Israel "had a tumble in the shower" and was "a bit whingy."
Hours later, at about 3am, Ambulance Victoria paramedic John Holland was first to arrive at the scene, finding Mr Thompson on the floor in the main bedroom aggressively performing CPR on the baby, who was wearing only a nappy

"From the moment I saw the patient, there were no signs of life," Mr Holland told the court, noting the baby had blood on his face, dark bruising around his eyes, a swollen area on his head and was cold to touch.

Police Sergeant Mark Phillips helped transport the baby to the hospital and described the scene as "confronting". The first thing he noticed was Israel's two black eyes."It's something I'll never forget," he told the coroner.

''When we were going there, I assume we were going for a cot death. When I saw the black eyes, I knew there was something more to it.''

The coroner also heard from forensic pathologist Linda Isles, who despite being unable to offer a definitive cause of death, found Israel had been injured at least twice before his death.

Both Ms Brenssell and Mr Thompson were questioned by homicide detectives after Israel's death and no charges were laid.

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So, he wasn't working when he started watching him and continuing to do so meant he wouldn't have to find a job. I presume that was his intention and not that he had a child murder fetish. :rolleyes:

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