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DALLAS, TX - A Dallas mother faces a felony charge after offering her pre-teen children alcohol, threatening them, and physically abusing her son.

Isadora Ventura is a bourbon connoisseur with husband issues. And she has stabby thoughts.

The last of these traits got the 28-year-old Dallas mom into hot water with the local authorities when they visited Casa Ventura on November 18th.

When they arrived at about 5:30 PM, a time when many moms are putting Sunday dinner on the table, a loving tradition that caps a day of Communion With The Lord, and is a reward to their families for another week of Righteous Living, officers found Ventura passed out on top of a pair of butter knives.

June Cleaver, she ain't.

They would also find a pair of glass pipes, about which no further details are given, and a bottle of Clyde May's Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which rates a respectable 87 at The Whiskey Jug.

Ventura's daughter, 10, and son, 8, told officers that Ventura had been drinking because she was "upset about their father," and invited them to join in, adding chillingly that they all "were going to die together."

The kids turned down her offer of a familial drinking session, and hopefully ignored her pessimistic prognostications as well. Angered, Ventura ordered the daughter to bring her a knife.

Her next move was to call the children's grandmother, probably with the intent to ruin her Sunday afternoon as well. In typical Grandmother fashion, she told her grandkids that she loved them. Ventura quickly labeled this prosaicism as a pack of lies, a thin tissue of geriatric deception that was not to be believed. Then she got scratchy with her son, scarifying him and finally throwing him down.

These Sunday shenanigans are not Ventura's first brush with the law in relation to substance abuse. The source article notes that she pled guilty to DWI in April, said arrest also involving her unlawfully carrying a weapon, and a bit of searching turned up an old drug paraphernalia charge from 2013.

Ventura was booked into the Dallas County jail under $10,000 bail on a single charge of felony injury to a child.

Hopefully Thanksgiving goes better for the kids in her absence.

Maybe Dad can come home now.



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I am so lucky I'm no longer in the dating scene. The offer of bourbon from a desperate woman has led me astray before...

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the "baby batter" donor might not be the best kind of guy. No way he didn't see this brand of crazy!

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I am not a fan of drunk people. Any level of drunk person. And Im thinking she is a frequent flyer of annoyingly crazy drunk and her kids probably see her in that state at least once a week.

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