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On one occasion, reports indicate she came in wearing a dress. The teen said Aristilde grabbed her by the waist and extended her dress from her body. Deputies say she also told them that during another encounter Aristilde touched her buttocks with an open hand, but she wasn’t sure if it was intentional and decided to keep the incident to herself.

The following day at work, the teen told deputies, she mentioned possibly having tendinitis in her elbow and that Aristilde proceeded to touch and feel the upper part of her arms.

She said the physical contact was unwanted.

Later in the month, the doctor is accused of squeezing her thigh during a conversation they were having about weight loss. A short time later, she said Aristilde approached her again. This time she told deputies he grabbed her buttocks with his hand and squeezed for an extended period of time.

The teen said she was upset, and while she did not report it to her co-workers, she did tell her parents when she went home.

Aristilde was arrested by the HCSO on a charge of lewd and lascivious molestation. His bond was set at $10,000. He has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor.

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He promised not to be so "touchy, touchy" in the future?

To a 15 year-old girl?


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