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Two Nashville teenagers have been charged in the fatal shooting of a 55-year-old woman lying in her bed in Antioch.

Deaundre Ridley, 17, and Javonterious Starnes, 16, were each charged with criminal homicide in the killing of 55-year-old Beverly Hicks.

Starnes was arrested Wednesday night, while Ridley was taken into custody by Metro Nashville police on Thursday from a Maury County juvenile detention facility and brought to Nashville.

According to police, the teenagers are accused of shooting into Hicks' Calais Circle home June 11. She died July 10 from injuries she sustained in the shooting.

A silver Nissan Maxima opened fire on the house, police say, sending bullets through a window and striking Hicks as she was in bed.

She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment.

South Precinct detectives believe that the gunfire was part of a dispute Starnes and Ridley were having with Hick's 16-year-old nephew, with whom she lived.

Police say three days before the fatal shooting, they believe Hicks' nephew was "robbed and shot" by Starnes and Ridley, and that the June 11 shooting into the home was "in furtherance of the dispute between the teenagers."

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Try them as adults. Life in prison, no parole until they are 75.

And "Javonterious"?!? Seriously?

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Muriel Schwenck

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Was she completely innocent in this? Was she a nice woman with a clean record? Just trying to do right by her trash gangsta nephew who ran with shit people? Or was she part of the culture that created him and his friends and enemies.
Boys and girls abandoned by feckless mothers, no fathers to step in, raised by aunts, grandmothers, and social service agencies.. Was she a player in the feud or trying to separate her family from the disastrous criminal class.
It's not unusual to find the victim is still an actor in the gangsta melodrama.
So sad for so many children.

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Deaundre Ridley, 17, and Javonterious Starnes

And just when you thought "Ladainian Tomlinson" couldn't be outdone

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Jabookamagooka and Doyanudeme look like a pair of real spitfires that I am sure will set the world on fire with their dazzling personalities and brilliant minds full of answers to lifes problems.
.Or maybe they are just two dumb fuck morons with insufficient brain power to out think a dead gerbil.

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