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'Mirroring' is a thing. when you watch someone talk about a traumatic experience or a loss then you will feel some of the hurt and pain. because of mirroring.
when you watch killers lie then you feel nothing. no matter how good the lies are. you are mirroring what they feel.
watch Darlie speak and see what you mirror.
Mirroring is the copying of physical body language. Physical mirroring and the effect on ones own emotions depend on personal empathy, setting, social skills, and your own internal opinions about who you are watching. Mirroring occurs far more often when dealing with family or close friends, which implies the above.
There are further complications with trying to apply emotional mirroring to something like this. The interviewee's body language and visible emotions can be heavily influenced by the interviewer and the setting. A study has demonstrated that a detached or seemingly uninterested interviewer appearance significantly alters the performance of the person being interviewed. All this is in addition to the nervousness and social skills of the subject.
Finally, YOUR physical/emotional mirroring is easily manipulated by someone's acting skills. Go watch Manos: Hands Of Fate and then the 2017 version of IT for a stark contrast of the effects on relatability.

Good on you for actually having heard of mirroring, though. I just don't feel it can be applied in that specific way.

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