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Mata Hari

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Anyone watching either of these? I watched all of Jessica Jones and fucking loved it, and I am now starting season 2 of Daredevil. I like Daredevil but I really just don't think it's as good as Jessica Jones.

Jessica is more of a mean, kinda rough character whereas Daredevil is kind of sad. They both are fighting bad guys in Hell's Kitchen though, so I wonder if they ever run into each other. I know there is already one crossover character.

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Looking forward to Luke Cage.
But season 2 of Jessica Jones. Kilgrave is dead. What could they possibly do that's scarier?

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Jessica Jones is a badass show!! I loved every minute of it too!! It is dark and sad but makes you root for Jessica every second of the show! And it did not hurt at all that Kilgrave is played by the delicious David Tennant!! He made you have to root for the bad guy too! He would do despicable things and you're like 'aw, poor sweet charming baby'!! In real life you'd want him dead, but eh, it's tv, so we CAN root for the bad guy!!

I just started Daredevil, only on the second episode, but loving it so far.

ETA: agree with @Valasca, how are they supposed to top Kilgrave??!! They can't. So I'm wondering how the second season will go.

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