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Ronald Golden, the accused Craigslist cat killer, has been found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

Golden, a 52-year-old from Athens, was set for trial this morning on 22 felony counts of cruelty to a cat. But Limestone County prosecutors conceded a motion by the defense to find Golden not guilty for mental health reasons. Golden, according to court records, was committed to a mental hospital right after confessing to police that he killed multiple cats.

Golden would name the cats before throwing them to the floor, breaking their necks or stomping them to death because he was "angry at the world," Athens police Chief Floyd Johnson told reporters when the suspect was arrested more than four years ago.

Police began investigating in September 2013 when they received a report about kitten bodies found in the Bullington Road area, where Golden lived, police have said. During the investigation, police got an anonymous tip that Golden was the killer, the chief has said.

"Golden admitted to buying kittens off Craigslist, naming them and then killing them," Johnson said in 2013. "Golden told investigators he had a cat room where he would throw the kittens against the floor to break their necks, stomp on them or 'wring their necks."

In a motion filed this past week, Golden's attorney Lucas Beaty asked the judge to keep his client's statements out of the trial. Beaty told the judge that after Golden was interrogated, police took him to a mental hospital, where he was detained for 10 days until a probate judge deemed him "mentally ill." That judge, according to court documents, ruled that Golden was "in need of treatment and was unable to make rational and informed decisions..."

"At the time of interrogation, the defendant was mentally incapable of understanding his Miranda rights and, therefore, was unable to knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently waive the same," Beaty wrote in court records.

Limestone County Circuit Judge Robert Baker said he will set a hearing within the next few months to determine Golden's future. Depending on the results of a mental evaluation, Golden could be institutionalized or required to seek other forms of mental health treatment.

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Slippy like the Manson Family
Being angry at the world is not just cause to kill kittens. If your angry at the world killing cats isn't going to change the world. In fact, kitties don't have a goddamn thing to do with why the world is the way it is. Go kill some goddamn humans or shut up and suck it up you piece of shit. Or how about don't kill anything..just bitch about Trump on the net, visit DD and jack off furiously to midget porn like a normal crazy person!

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Bull shit.

This guy will be released and go after someone's kids.

Let's hope he doesn't decide to open a day care.

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Wow, seriously weak justice.
He needs to go in a special cat killer room.
That is where I send cat killers and those who are angry at the world.

It is better known as...
a cell.

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Ronald Golden, an Athens man who was arrested on 22 counts of cruelty to animals in 2013 is set to appear in court again in September.

Golden's arrest stemmed from a neighbor’s complaint that she had found a dead cat in her yard.

The Limestone County District Attorney said upon investigation, two living kittens were discovered, along with the remains of several animals, in Golden’s backyard.

Golden further gave an unrecorded statement to law enforcement that he had killed 22 cats.

On the exact same day he was arrested, the Probate Court of Limestone County, in its Order for Outpatient Commitment found Ronald Frasier Golden to be “mentally ill” and “unable at this time, to make a rational and informed decision as to whether or not any specific continued treatment for his illness would be desirable.” Golden was further ordered by the Probate Court to seek outpatient treatment.

While the criminal case was pending, Golden continued to receive mental health treatment.

After further investigation, law enforcement was unable to establish that pertinent portions of Golden’s confession were true.

  • There was no evidence of Craigslist purchases, no evidence of a torture room, and there was no evidence of the remains of twenty-two cats.
  • After a review of the animal remains photographed by investigators, the state’s expert witness was unable to state with certainty that any of the remains were in fact a cat.
  • Of the blood like material found in the home, it was not conclusively established whether the blood was from cats or from Golden or whether it was blood at all.
  • The only evidence that Golden bought twenty-two cats on Craigslist and killed them in a torture room was the unrecorded statement Golden made to Athens Police Investigators at a time when he was suffering from mental illness and on the exact same day Golden was found to be legally “mentally ill.”

On May 25, 2018 the Limestone County District Attorney’s Office conceded Golden’s plea of Not Guilty by Mental Disease or Defect.

On that date, Golden was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation by the Alabama Department of Mental Health at the Taylor Hardin secure medical facility in Tuscaloosa to determine whether Golden was a “danger to himself and/or others."

On May 30, 2018 the Alabama Department of Mental Health notified the parties that Golden’s assessment was complete. Based upon ADMH’s findings Golden was ordered to be released from Taylor Hardin.

He was then ordered to continue his regime of mental health treatment until such time as the matter can be set for a hearing on Golden’s final disposition.

In September, experts from the Alabama Department of Mental Health will offer testimony on Golden's mental health treatment over time.

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