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This is behind the newspaper's paywall, but at least the couple reached a settlement with both the insurance company and the town and police officers.


Aug 2, 2018 - Edward and Audrey Cramer have reached a settlement with Buffalo Township and three of its police officers after the township couple's home ......

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Water is for people that don't have coffee.
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I have wondered before what would happen if somebody looking to get high actually snorted bathing-type bath salts.

Their sinuses would burn like hell.
It would serve them right.
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A pot plant will grow flowers yes. They are actually very pretty. When growing weed the grower picks the buds at a certain time in the growing process. If these buds which are what we know as pot, the part of the plant that is sold and smoked is left alone they eventually bloom or flower. I knew a man one time that was growing weed in his grandmothers basement. To help hide it from her he gave her one of the plants as though it was a regular house plant you would by at Walmart. Thinking it was just another plant she put it in her front window. It wasn’t until his mom came over one day seen it and told her what it was that she found out. Grandma told her daughter her grandson had given it to her. Grandma said it smells a lot but looks very pretty.
You got any pictures of what the *flowes* look like?
I've been growing cannabis for a lot of years and as far as I know, the bud is the flower.
Immature bud aka flower at the beginning of it's bud stage.

Fully developed at harvest.

One single cola (which is covered in buds)

Late in the fall when the temps start to drop near freezing some strains start to turn purple. It's still the same buds, it's a natural process. Just like citrus fruit and apples aren't sweet until the temps drop near freezing.

Before anyone goes all acting like an insurance agent. All the plants in these pictures were grown legally.
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