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A Bowling Green woman ended up in handcuffs inside a Warren County courtroom after being accused of showing up to her court case intoxicated.

Misty Loman, 40, is charged with public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to an arrest citation, Loman was under the influence of narcotics when she appeared for her court case on Tuesday, stemming from a previous arrest.

Police said when they searched her purse, they discovered a small bag of suspected crystal methamphetamine, which Loman claimed was crushed Zofran.


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Baekjul Bool Gool
Staff member
in 2008 she was busted for a parole violation. Her cheekbones are normal. Then something went horribly wrong. I don't see any external scarring, but something appears to have collapsed her sinus, and maybe part of her upper mandible.

ETA, the change is initially obvious, but progresses. Could something like Lupus do this?
In extreme cases, some forms of lupus can be very disfiguring - Michael Jackson's nose is an example, and the repeated surgeries he had on it were actually attempting to keep repairing damage in a vicious, endless cycle of continuous damage from lupus, and then attempted repair, etc., eventually causing him to lose most of the nose tip/end, and forcing him to wear a partial prosthetic nose.
@FlanneryOClobber mentioned scleroderma, which is an extremely and progressively disfiguring auto-immune disorder, often retracting the lower mandible far back into the mouth, and will also cause the extremities to "curl" back towards the body (especially the wrists/hands), causing a great deal of chronic pain for the patients, and eventually death.

I only joined this group to shame you and all who laughed at this woman's plight! I know you won't pay attention to me, but I really wish you'd consider taking this down. You don't know this woman's story. Along with addiction, she suffers from bone cancer and two rare forms of lupus. She's lost three children to death, and yet, as low as she seems to have gone, she still believes she can turn her life around.
Please! Have some heart!
Thanks very much for sharing this, do you happen to know which forms of lupus she has?
Is it possible that she suffers from 2 auto-immune disorders, ie: lupus and scleroderma?
Nearly all lupus patients suffer from more than one auto-immune disorder, but not all other auto-immune disorder patients (like those with RA, for example) suffer from multiple auto-immune disorders.
My spouse was diagnosed with SLE, along with 2 other auto-immune disorders 20 years ago, and I'm quite familiar with that form of lupus, but only mildly educated regarding other forms of lupus in general.

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