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From the desk of Sugar Cookie.

Bili the bonobo was born at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire in 2008, but was rejected by his mother and sent to a zoo in Frankfurt before ending up in Wuppertal, in western Germany.

In the video, filmed by a zoo visitor, Bili is sitting on a raised platform in the chimpanzee enclosure as some other bonobos try to push him off. Only when one violently pulls Bili's arm does he fall down.

Almost the entire troop of bonobos then jump on Bili and start to beat him, while another zoo visitor can be heard shouting 'nein, nein!'

Bili tries to escape into a corner and protect his body from the blows by making himself as small as possible with his arms around his face.

The monkeys at the zoo in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have not accepted Bili, and their attacks have previously left him with horrific open, bleeding wounds.

The shocking footage of the latest attack was shared online by Andre P., who wrote: 'After a few days of quietness, then today this "attack" happened out of nowhere. And this time almost the entire troop joined in.'

Zoo spokesman Andreas Haser-Kalthoff said he was at the enclosure himself at the time of the attack.

He said: 'Such images are not nice. But it is part of the integration of the ape in the troop.'

Andre P. wrote however that although he understands the zoo policy's towards the British bonobo, his acceptance of it 'melted like ice cream in the Sahara' - as not a single zookeeper interfered.

According to animal welfare organisations bonobo Bili has been severely traumatised since being sent to the German zoo.

Heartbreaking images were released showing 10-year-old Bili with bites on his head and hand and a chunk missing from his year.

Things have got so bad that a campaign has been set up to get him sent back to Britain.

The 'Save Bonobo Bili from Wuppertal Zoo' petition launched by Petra Bente aims to see Bili rehoused to the 'Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre' near Bovington, in Dorset, England.

According to Bente, Bili was sent to Germany from Twycross Zoo after his mother Maringa failed to care for him.

He was first flown to Frankfurt in January 2009, where he was adopted by loving female chimps who had previously brought up orphaned youngsters.

He reportedly integrated well in the group, but despite that in autumn last year he was sent to Wuppertal Zoo at the recommendation of the Specialist Group of the European Zoological Community and the European Conservation Breeding Program.

The petition on Change.org has been signed by more than a quarter of a million people so far.

But the pleas have so far been rejected by Wuppertal Zoo, who say they are still hoping that Bili can be integrated with their own ape family.

The zoo's Deputy Director Severin Dressget said that Bili was not allowed to breed by the Frankfurt Zoo he was living in, and as a result had been sent to them.
The renowned Jane Goodall Institute, a global wildlife and environment conservation organization headquartered in Virginia in the U.S, has also taken an interest in the battle for Bili.

Dr. Iris Weiche of the institute, which is named after the world-renowned British behavioural researcher and primatologist Dame Jane Goodall, said: 'Of course the developments in the troop, which can take quite a while, are closely monitored by us.'

Bonobos are also known as pygmy chimpanzees, but are technically a separate species. They are, as their nickname alludes, smaller than chimpanzees and highly endangered.
Photos and video at the link.
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actually not, this has been around and there is a petition on it if you want to look it up, there are a bunch of pictures of him as they should have removed him immediately. Cimps can be vicious like people and the zoo keepers are idiots because this poor chimp has some issues that make others mug him, he needs to have a different pace to be

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