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Twelve years after a baby was found dead in a Lancaster City dumpster, police are still looking for the killer.

She’s taken on the name ‘Baby Mary Anne’, and though nobody got the chance to meet her, the community took her in as its own.

Now, some are still longing for answers, optimistic that a new lead will help police crack the case.

The pink headstone stands out in Saint Anthony’s Church cemetery. Buried below the ground is the body of a newborn baby girl.

“My mother’s name was Mary and my grandmother was Mary Anne, and I loved my grandmother dearly so I named her after my grandmother.”

Dolores Yecker calls the now deceased child her own. Even though she is no longer physically able to visit the grave, she says she thinks about her daily.

“I often think about her and think about what she looked like then, and wonder what she would look like now, because she would be about 12 years old now.”

Yecker is one of many people who helped bury Baby Mary Anne in November of 2007.

The child’s funeral service attracted hundreds.

“They gave the baby such a beautiful send off so at least well you can’t say it was a happy ending, but at least the baby was celebrated” said Candace O’Donnell, a Lancaster County resident.

Baby Mary Anne’s sendoff and tombstone signify the love she was buried with, but a shadow still stands by as a reminder of her past.

It was September 24th, 2007 when someone realized a foul smell was coming from the dumpster. Inside, the person found the body of a baby girl.

Lancaster Police launched an in-depth investigation right away. They quickly ruled her death a homicide, but were unable to find who killed her.

As new technology becomes available, Sgt. Zook hopes it will lead him to more clues.

“I can say that we are pursuing technology advances in the DNA field” Zook said. “There are still some things that we are looking at, options that we are looking at pursuing that weren’t available 12 years ago.”

As for the woman who calls herself the baby’s adopted mother, she’s at peace knowing Baby Mary Anne was sent off properly.

When she prays about Baby Mary Anne, she too prays for the woman who knows the truth.

“I’m not so sure if she planned to do it that way, or whatever her reason was. She has to answer to God for that, but I hope she has piece of mind to know where her daughter is.”

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