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John Christie, 31, of Jackson, and Edythe Christie, 56, of Medina, have both been indicted in connection with the 2013 homicide of Brittany Christie, 26, of Henderson.


with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence, and Edythe Christie was indicted for tampering with evidence.

John Christie, who was arrested on charges related to the murder on April 30, remains in custody at the Madison County Jail on $500,000 bond.

Investigators continued the probe, which led to Edythe Christie's indictment, police said in a press release sent out Thursday. Following the grand jury proceeding, a warrant was issued for Edyth Christie's arrest.


John Christie will be arraigned next Monday in Madison County Circuit Court. Edythe Christie will have a bond set and will be arraigned in Circuit Court on a date to be determined by the judge.

On Dec. 6, 2013, around 4:45 p.m., police were called to the Old Hickory Inn at 1819 U.S. 45 Bypass after Brittany Christie was found dead inside a room. Her death appeared suspicious, and investigators and a county medical examiner were summoned to the scene.

Brittany Christie's body was sent to the state Medical Examiner's Office in Nashville for an autopsy. The results revealed that she had died from a combination of the drugs clonazepam and heroin.

Investigators learned that on Dec. 6, Brittany Christie and her estranged husband, John Christie, were together at the Old Hickory Inn. While there, police said, John Christie gave Brittany Christie the deadly combination of drugs.

Police said that during the course of the ongoing investigation and at the request of John Christie, his mother, Edythe Christie, tampered with evidence linking him to the crime.

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Trumperdink Mussolini
Oh my motherfucking goodness in my Tennessee voice. If I hadn't burnt and fried my bridges with certain Tennessee peoples I'm sure I could find out bout this shit right here.
I bet this is the biggest thing to talk about in Henderson since someone got busted with a pound of weed 3yrs ago.
I'm for the record totally not surprised his mom is charged with helping him cover the murder up coz that's how moms out in West Tennessee are to some extent. I know my friends mom would help them do it lol.

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Ok, it's my OCD kicking into overdrive, bear with me, BUT Jesus Christ with the damn lipstick, you follow the line of your lip not make new ones. It makes me twitchy.

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Talk about enabling...not only enabling the addict but abusing her "power" to now enable a criminal. What a bitch! And no, I'm not sorry. She's worse than him!

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Muriel Schwenck

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23 june 2017
Gibson County-based attorney Edythe Christie was disbarred Friday, more than a year after her conviction on charges of tampering with evidence in the death of her daughter-in-law Brittany Christie.
nce her conviction.

John Christie testified against his mother, telling the jury that he had asked her to "delete everything" off his phone.

Christie was found guilty of deleting photos and video from the phone that show John and Brittany Christie together the day before Brittany Christie died. Investigators were able to recover the deleted video and photos from the phone
She was sentenced to 150 days in jail.

John Christie:

Christie has been sentenced to four years for reckless homicide and six years for tampering with evidence. The sentences will run consecutively, but due to the terms of the plea agreement, Christie will be released Jan. 15 to Project WIT (Whatever It Takes), an intensive in-custody program.

While at WIT, Christie will undergo a work program, drug and alcohol treatment, and parenting classes for about six months.

Following completion of that program, Christie will serve the rest of his sentence on probation, the first year of which will be intensive probation.

“Part of this settlement is what the family wants as far as giving John another chance,” Shelby County Assistant District Attorney General Paul Hagerman said.

“A lot of this is rooted in the family’s mercy,” Hagerman said. “They’re fully aware of the problems Brittany had. They also believe John should be held accountable for his actions or inactions. But part of this is to give John a chance.”

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Im sorry but what is the point of parenting classes now? Her son testified against her for doing what her baby boy asked her to do. As far as I would be concerned... I dont have a son.

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So what was the cause of death? This wasnt one of those deals where he is being charged with a crime because she OD'd and died while doing drugs with criminal?

The mom is kinda hot

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What a charming family.
Kind of surprised that one gets less time for a murder than they do for tampering with evidence

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