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Video shows a Russian Orthodox priest forcing a baby into a tub of water as he tries to baptize the one year old. The baby is scared and squirming, which only infuriates the priest. The nut then proceeded on trying to shove the tot into the water.

~And you know what happened??? The baby said “I’m so sorry father, I’ll behave” because obviously this guy knows that hurting a baby makes it quiet!!! Duh...


The mother comes in to try and save her baby from this wtf... but the guy won’t let go and continues to try and “Baptize” the screaming little as the mother struggles to get ahold, all the while the baby is being thrashed everywhere as the priest dodges the mom! The video ends with the horrified mother still trying to get her baby out of the whacko’s hands. The child even ended up having bruises and abrasions.

The mother went to police after the incident though! And filed a report which got the clergyman banned from duties, and robes and blah for 1 year...

~This really hurt my heart. Little nugget must have been so afraid... I’m so glad mom stepped in. And made a police repor!! Their are so many times where they just watch the baby be tortured...



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