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From the desk of Sugar Cookie.

Authorites in Alabama have arrested a veternariy student suspected of selling nearly 50 horses to meat-processing plants in Mexico.

Deputies with the Blount County Sheriff's Office apprehended 24-year-old Fallon Blackwood at a local rodeo Saturday, four months after a grand jury returned a 13-count indictment charging the woman with bringing into the state property obtained by false pretense with the intent to defraud.

Blackwoofd, a senior majoring in veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University, is accused of offering owners to re-home older and ailing horses, and instead selling them to slaughterhouses in Mexico for meat.

The indictment lists 13 animals, but Lindsay Rosentrater, who turned over her beloved horse, Willie, to Blackwood in January 20018, said that nearly 50 missing horses have been linked to the veterinary student.

Blackwood was also arrested in early April on an outstanding warrant from North Carolina, where she was accused of tricking a man into giving her two horses, reported Fox 5 Atlanta.

According to multiple accounts posted on a Facebook page created by Rosentrater called Finding Willie, Blackwood would answer ads placed by people throughout the South seeking to sell their horses, saying that while she could not afford to buy the animals, she would be willing to house them on her 18-acre farm and care for them.

In many of the cases, including Rosentrater's, Blackwood claimed she was looking for a retired horse to be a pasture companion for her racing horse.

The owners' reasons for deciding to part with their geldings and mares varied, but most boiled down to financial difficulties, or failing health that prevented them from caring for their animals.

Duped owners said they were reassured by Blackwood's background as a veterinary student.

None of the horses have been recovered and Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey said she does not believe any of the missing animals are alive.

Rosentrater explained to Al.com that in January of last year, she and her husband were expecting a baby and she did not have the time and resources to properly care for her 15-year-old appendix gelding, Willie, which had health problems and could no longer be ridden.

Rosentrater, who has owned the horse from the time she was 17 years old, posted an ad seeking a loving home for Willie, and said that within 24 hours Blackwood contacted her offering to take him off her hands.

‘She said she was very interested, was a vet student and had a barrel [racing] horse that needed a companion,’’ Rosentrater said. ‘It seemed too good to be true.’

Rosentrater said Blackwood travelled to her home in Georgia on January 28 for what was supposed to be an introductory meeting, but the vet student arrived with a horse trailer ready to take Willie with her.

Rosentrater, who has a degree in equestrian studies, agreed to hand over Willie to Blackwood that day on the condition that if the arrangement did not work out for any reason, she would take him back. She never saw her horse again.
She later learned that Blackwood had alleged ties to people buying horses for meat, which prompted her to launch her Facebook group. Almost overnight, the page was inundated with responses from other concerned horses owners who had similar dealings with the vet student.

Rosentrater said that the non-profit organization Stolen Horses International, which operates the website NetPosse.com, so far has identified 47 missing horses belonging to more than 40 owners in six states linked to Blackwood.

Many owners said when they would reach out to Blackwood asking for information about their animals, she either would not respond, or tell them the horse had suffered an accident and died.

In one case, she claimed a horse was struck and killed by lightening. In another, she allegedly told an owner the horse had to be euthanized due to an illness.

Blackwood was released from the Blount County Jail after posting $15,000 bail and returned to her veterinary school, where she is expected to graduate in May.

A representative of the university on Wednesday declined to comment on Blackwood's status or the allegations against her, citing federal privacy laws.
Surely she won't be allowed to practice. Wouldn't this type of crime prevent her from being licensed? If not, it should. There seem to be plenty of vets out there already, so I think we can do without this bitch who is an obvious sociopath. She could never be trusted.

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From what I know, state level Veterinarian boards will deny a license to practice if there's a felony conviction.

She might get to slither in as an 'assistant' or some other title, but no self-respecting Vet is going to hire her based on her background.

Lindsay 'Horseface' Rosentrater

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That's so sad for those who wanted to give their horses a nice retirement. What a pathological bitch. Instead of not responding to the inquiries, she could've at least responded "Si Senorita, your horse was renamed Fajita and made others with good taste very happy!". Oops, who said that?! Not me...

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What a despicable cunt.
As a student she needs to be removed from the program and never certify

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Norcal Skim

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Like ANYONE would leave their loved pet with this 'vet'! What a fucking cunt.

One great thing about the internet, this will follow her everywhere and ruin her aspiring career.

edit: haha Sejanus and I were dropping the cunt bomb at the same time!

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So she's not going to be an vet after this. She can always advertise herself as a pet sitter on craigslist and supply All You Can Eat! China Wok Buffet!

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She believed she could so she did.
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Thank you for catching that :D :D

The 'Horseface' still applies to the pic.

I had about a dozen tabs open at the time. UGH!!!
It might but we don't say rude things about victims.
She is truly a victim.

I have more love for my horses (just about all horses) then I do for some blood relatives.

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