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A Utah babysitter is facing one charge of child abuse after a baby she was watching suffered brain damage, according to charging documents.

27-year-old Kelsey Briceno initially called dispatchers saying the 1-year-old male had fallen down the stairs a Briceno's home in Magna on November 28. 2018.

After doctors treated the baby, they said the baby's injuries did not match up with Briceno's explanation.

During Unified Police's third interview with Briceno, they say she made up the story because she was "scared" and knows what she did was "wrong."

Briceno allegedly told police the baby was crying and screaming, making her "very frustrated."

Briceno picked up the baby to "console him" but then shook the child "a few times at least," according to police. After she allegedly shook the baby, the boy was still crying.

Briceno told police as she was trying to put the baby back into his playpen, he "wiggled out of her arms and hit his head on the wall."

Briceno noticed the baby was unresponsive as he lay in his playpen.

Briceno was not arrested in the case, and instead will be issued a summons to appear in court.

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Stupid cunt.....found this on facebook when searching for the bitch .
THIS is “the story” that turned our family upside down that Thursday, November 28,2019! It was a Thursday, no different than any other, Zach and Harlie were scheduled to work and like any other work day, Harlie dropped the kids off at “the babysitter”! Little did they know, that would be the day that ROCKED our family! November 28,2018 (just 2 days after our grandsons FIRST birthday) is a day we wish we could turn back to. “The baby sitter” chose her actions that day! She made a choice to shake a child....Zach and Harlie’s child!!! What this shaking caused was severe enough to cause him to have a seizure in the ER due to the LARGE accumulation of blood under his skull and dura membrane!!!! He was RUSHED into surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. The intent of surgery that day was to SAVE HIS LIFE!!! He struggled to live!...Fighting LIKE A CHAMP! All while thinking he had an “accident” at the “baby sitter’s” house! The family struggled with the fact that it “was an accidental fall” down SEVEN CARPETED STEPS!! Our grandchild ended up needing a portion of his left temporal lobe REMOVED!!!!! And the skull bone was not replaced due to the swelling that remained on his brain. He remained in critical condition on a ventilator in Intensive Care for over 2 weeks!!! He has been fighting an uphill battle EVER SINCE THAT DAY!! The day that Kelsey Autumn Briceno “felt frustrated” and decided to SHAKE AN INNOCENT 12 month old CHILD!!!! After a month and a half of LIVING A LIE, “the baby sitter”, Kelsey Autumn Briceno, confessed to CAUSING the injuries!!!!!!!!!
His full potential remains to be seen, as time will tell. He does not have use of his right side, and we’re unsure if he will regain that ability. He now has a g-tube due to his lack of progress in his ability to swallow effectively enough to eat by mouth. This was once a happy, go lucky little fella discovering himself. Learning to play, eating and discovering new foods, walking,learning to talk, play with his sister and his cousins. This is a boy who could have grown up to drive a car, go to his prom, get married or maybe be a carpenter, a lawyer, a mechanic, a welder, a hunter, a doctor, or EVEN THE PRESIDENT!.....We don’t know what the future holds for him now but, his chances to succeed on his own were stripped from him that day!!!! They were stripped from him AND his ENTIRE family!!! His sister’s best friend was stripped from her that day!!
He still has an infection on his brain and still has to have his bone flap replaced. He still has to make it through future surgeries! He has been a miracle so far and we pray he will recover from this HORRIFIC day that changed the dynamic of our family, due to ONE PERSON AND HER CHOICE!!! This article makes us angry and hurt, as it paints a picture to look like “the babysitter” was a victim. .

-Unfortunately.....There is no amount of punishment that will ever be enough for HER CHOICE!

We will pray that god gives us the peace we need as a family to get through the emotions we feel.

Please take away a lesson from this horrific event in our lives....pass along to all your friends and family that are involved with children or child care in ANY way, please put the baby or child in a safe place and allow them to cry until you regain composure of yourself or collect some self control. If you cannot, ASK for help!!!! AND, for the love of god, DON’T SHAKE OR HURT the child!! If you’re baby sitting....CALL THE PARENTS to come get their child! This unselfish act would have given our grandson a fair chance to grow as a healthy child.



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He was very seriously injured, she should be charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and several other charges. They gave her what amounts to a ticket?

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