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The following are 5 reasons why you should not leave your children with your boyfriends.

1. The man he is with you may not be the man he is with your child.

"Anecdotally, providers and people in the child welfare system are certainly aware of the increased risk of mothers' boyfriends [to children], especially those who come late on the scene," clinical psychologist Jennifer Shaw, who works as a partner of the Gil Institute for Trauma and Recovery, tells Vice. "Boyfriends are not necessarily involved in the infancy phase, where a lot of the attachment and bonding with the child takes place."

2. Some men envy the attention that you give your child and may secretly compete with him.

Notes Dr. Kurt Smith, Clinical Director of Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching, “Men in particular are susceptible to feelings of jealousy, especially during the infant and toddler years. Your man, who may have been the picture of a doting father-to-be, now finds himself an outsider and onlooker to a very unique bond. A bond with which he feels he cannot participate or compete.”

3. Some men resent the child because that kid looks like your ex.

Self explanatory.

4. Some men want to relax at home and a screaming, non-potty-trained toddler is enough to make him snap.

Self explanatory.

5. Some men don’t love themselves enough to love their own child—let alone yours.

Self explanatory.

Looking for love, a helpmate, perhaps even a father figure for your child is understandable; especially since there are good men out there, willing and able to love you and your child as if s/he were his own.

But slow down.

Investigate your potential mate thoroughly
before you bring him into your child’s life. Avoid the man that emotionally or physically abuses you or your child to proclaim himself as the head of your household.

If you’re dating, cohabitating, or even engaged to someone, do not assign solo babysitting duties until you’ve determined that your partner is patient, mentally stable, cares for your child and will do no harm.
Maleah with her biological father

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Not one iota of sympathy for this cunt, her excuse to leave for her dad's funeral is not good enough.

1- She had suspicions of abuse
2- child suffered a serious head injury that caused the children to be removed
3- She suspected sexual abuse and saw injury to her daughters legs

4- Penis sent naked pics to a DUDE - wait? What? Betrayal! Unforgivable! ASS FUCKAGE LOVING GAY BASTARD how dare he be gay on her?!?!!

MOM DECIDES TO LEAVE. Beat her child, Potentially Sexually Assault her child, shit, Give Baby some Brain Damage but DO NOT - ya'll listening??? DO NOT DARE BE GAY-ISH!

She wasn't too scared to leave, she was fine to let him treat her kids like garbage until she found out he only liked her bc she look like a big ol dude. #bitch

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I used Maleah's photo because it was linked to the article and her disappearance and abuse is what inspired the article but this stands for any paramours which can include women.

The lack of bonding plays a factor in why some BF's or GF's do not attach to the child and want to love and nurture them.

One point they did not address is when the paramour does not like your child and makes it very evident. I have seen with my own eyes at least two times where it is what clear as day the BF did not like the the son's of women I was acquainted with.

One boy who is now in his early 20's has been abusive to the mother - she did not stop the abuse that was done to him-and she was a social worker in the foster care system with me.

The other young man was the child of my manager when I worked in retail. The boy was very feminized only going shopping and being the mom and gm. She met and married a Caribbean man who was very hard and distant to him. He is now in his thirties with no direction in his life.

@Nell mentioned this person in the shout box- this article could have been written about Jenelle Evans.

She is not blind and was aware that the man she chose did not really either of her son's from prior relationships.

The older boy Jace is a weird fixation with Jenelle and he would not stop her from attempting to get custody of him because he knows it will never happen.

The other child I believe was abused both physically and emotionally. Jenelle's hatred for his father makes her turn a blind eye to the abuse and will not allow her to give the father custody.

The main difference between the boys is that as bad as Jenelle's mom is she does want to protect the boy and does love him.

I think that is one of Jenelle's underlying resentment that her mom did not have her shit together to protect her but does for Jace.

Hopefully the father of the younger boy with the help of his mother can get his act together and step up for his son.

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