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Vomiting, headaches and dizziness may result from too high a dose of MDMA. Some people are considerably more sensitive to MDMA than others. Be careful if you are using MDMA for the first time or using material of an unknown purity and strength. Always start low.
If reports surrounding 14-year-old Carson Crimeni's death are accurate, he did not start low during his last "Molly" trip. Instead, he started high, off-the-charts high, stunningly high, epically high. But not by choice.

The video poster, who posted the video taken while Carson was dying at the Walnut Grove Skateboard Park, Langley, BC, Canada, said he was "tweaking on molly", or intoxicated on MDMA. A later caption on the video read that Carson was "15 caps deep", or had taken fifteen capsules filled with MDMA. How much is that? A lot.

I looked for powders tested for, and verified to be, MDMA at EcstasyData.org. I found these weights on Page 1:
  • 100 mg
  • 100 mg
  • 100 mg
  • 230 mg (greatest weight)
  • 121 mg
  • 153 mg
  • 95 mg
  • 25 mg (lowest weight)
  • 100 mg
Using these weights as potential weights of MDMA in each capsule that Carson took, the minimum dose he could have taken is 375 mg. Erowid labels that as a "Heavy" dose, in excess of 200 mg. Erowid also reports that people "typically use MDMA [...] at levels of about 2.5 mg/kg or less". A 375 mg dose would be 2.5 mg/kg if Carson weighed 150 kg, or 330 pounds. And he was nowhere near that big.

Carson's father, Aron Crimeni, wants the teens that gave his son the drugs that killed him held responsible.

MDMA Vault at Erowid
Ecstasy Data
News Report
Another news report
One more of several news reports


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How do you even exact justice in a case like this?
You dont?

You're Canadian..you know what goes on at skate parks and what kinds of kids hang out there lol The kid's parents admit they knew he was using soft drugs frequently. They let their kid hang out with a bunch of undesirables because "he wanted to fit in" and was being bullied. They admit to knowing he was depressed and struggling. They as his parents bare most of the responsibility and I get that it must weigh huge on them and they want to lash out at others, but in the end, they bare more responsibility than the kids at the park do.

He left the skate park on his own. How does one prove that the other kids knew he was ODing and that they didnt think he was just really fucked up? Who expects children to "parent" other kids while using drugs? Why should another kid be responsible for telling someone to stop when they think they might have done too much? Young kids arent known for making great decisions and while sad, he took the drugs on his own. No one forced it upon him.

The police cant even handle the investigation of his death, the IIO(Independent Investigations Office ) is, because the police were already looking for him when he OD'd.

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They knew he was ODing due to the pic they posted captioned " Carson almost died LOL" with an ambulance working on the kid in the background. FYI the people that found him and called 911 were not the one smiling with a thumbs up in the photo. From the videos early on you can tell this kid needed help.... that's why officers are now being investigated for failing to find him two hours prior when someone reported what they saw on the videos.
I cant blame parents for letting their child hang out with kids at a skate park. You would never imagine in a million years something like that could happen. As a society we should just learn to be kinder to each other and raise our kids to know better. I was young once too and hung out at skate parks including that particular one... yes we drank coolers as all kids have done I'm sure but we knew our limits and those that didnt we got parents and help.
There are also rumours according to an interview from his father he took exceptionally more than what he intended too because they put so many pills in one cap. Also on a petion calling for justice there is a screen grab explaining what the kids did to the pills and their names. Weather or not that's factual may make this case have some legs. Eaither way this community is forever effected . I hope if nothing else this may serve as an eye opener for many as it has been for my self.
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