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Bob Saget is reuniting with producer Vin Di Bona and ABC for a clip-show series, but this time the content will be decidedly more adult-oriented than the family-friendly tone of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Videos After Dark will feature Saget offering his comedic take on clips harvested by Di Bona’s AFV team over the years that were too risqué for airing at 7 p.m. on Sunday. Saget hosted the first eight seasons of ABC’s enduring unscripted franchise, concurrent with his run on the ABC family comedy Full House. The half-hour Videos After Dark will air in a 10 p.m. slot when it premieres next year.

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Yeah that should look like shit on a high def tv.
This might have been fun in say 1998.

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So theyre going to show a bunch of dumb shit anybody can and prob already has seen on youtube and facebook and so forth, and offer some dumb jokes in between?

So TOSH.O and like 10 other fucking shows then?

Sad to see someone as talented as Bob Saget care so fucking little for originality or quality. What a fucking money hungry shill.
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Also sad, but fully expected, that a major network like ABC would be so shameless about being so very late to such type of programming. What an embarrassment.

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