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simple assault

  1. crys_xoxo

    “if you call the cops, I will put you six feet under” - Jose Rosario

    "Jose Rosario is accused assaulting the victim and threatening her by saying, “if you call the cops, I will put you six feet under,” according to police. He then allegedly covered the victim’s face with his hand, causing her to have trouble breathing, police say. The victim later called police...
  2. crys_xoxo

    Man charged with beating, stabbing woman at motel

    "Ryan Whittaker, 30, is charged with felony aggravated assault and strangulation, and misdemeanor simple assault, according to officials with the district attorney's office. Officials said the victim told Manheim Borough police that Whittaker grabbed her by the throat and punched her after an...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Michael Hockenberry “ Lost His Mind That Day & Things Got A Little Out Of Control ”

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Kyle Parker Tells G F “ I Sold Your Soul To The Devil ” When She Woke Up