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salt lake city

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Clowns shoved grandma down stairs, shot son-in-law, traumatized kids during Home Invasion

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Utah Man Claims "Aggressive Sex" Caused His Girlfriend's Cardiac Arrest

  3. Sugar Cookie

    2 women accused of neglecting mother who was found covered in feces & with maggots inside of open wounds

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Theodore Joseph Heaps compared himself to Ted Bundy & would reenact the sexual abuse of his victims w/ his girlfriend.

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Alavina F. Florreich,70 Arrested On 130 Counts Involving Sex Abuse Of A Child

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Elvira Ortega Would Rather Be Deported Than Go To Jail For Breaking Baby's Leg In Unlicensed Daycare

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Gordon Ray Church Was Shocked With A Car Battery, Raped W/ A Tire Iron & His Body Dumped

    http://fox13now.com/2018/01/10/inmate-slated-to-die-by-firing-squad-asks-utah-supreme-court-to-halt-execution/ Gordon Ray Church
  8. Sugar Cookie

    Cherokee May Dea Has A Dead 14 Month Old With Morphine In Her Urine