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repeat offender

  1. ghosttruck

    From Bestiality To Bank Robbery

    So...remember Amber Finney? She's graced the pages on the DD for getting some pooch lovin' and having the video go viral. Well This princess can't seem to stay away from trouble. She's off and making headlines again however she's gone from bestiality to bank robbery...is that a step in the...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Sexy Beast charged w/ kidnapping, rape, committed similar crimes 2yrs ago but the charges were dismissed

  3. Sugar Cookie

    James Grimes can't "betta" himself and be somebody because of 3-month-old girls

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Dustin Gorham arrested for the 3rd time on child abuse charges, 2yo's mother just had his child

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Anthony Demarcus Martin, 41 Raped 12 Y O He Invited Over To Play Video Games