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  1. FrayedKnot

    Miami “preacher man” rapes girls, 9 and 10 years old; makes them watch each others’ assaults

  2. Keepalowprofile

    Child rapist Donaciano Rodriguez can ask for parole when he's 170 years old.

  3. Muriel Schwenck

    Peter Bright: Helping Girls Find Those Special Places to Touch

    June 7 2019 FBI Affidavit here: it's disgusting. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/06/anti-gamergate-journalist-peter-bright-arrested-for-soliciting-child-sex/85904/ The rest of the article has a long list of all the other people this man liked to accuse of being pedophiles due to his...
  4. Sugar Cookie

    A pedophile told police "There's some disgusting stuff on here" when he handed over his cell phone

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Mom will let you rape her daughters aged one and four, if you promise to marry her

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Undercooked Piece of Shit Confessed He Wanted To Have A Sexual Relationship With 8yo Girl

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Terry Coneyworth said he started as a teen & the ages of girls went “all the way down”

  8. Sugar Cookie

    A paedophile's throat was cut by his drinking buddy after he bragged about sexually abusing a 6yo

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6698357/Paedophiles-friend-slit-mans-throat-confessed-abusing-six-year-old.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR0FzvSCyAi0bV9c01xxc1vluJs6Vc6IrlzEIUy9udzYteZWvJ69FG5ALdo I think we know why he did and I am want to buy this man a drink.
  9. Sugar Cookie

    Raymond Nugen is a romantic guy, attempted to book a room at the super 8 & brought candy the 5yo child would like

  10. Sugar Cookie

    A pedophile preacher who raped a nine-year-old girl has died after her father severed his penis

  11. Sugar Cookie

    A convicted paedophile has been caught sexually abusing another girl after he made her pregnant at age 12

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6468185/Evil-pedophile-impregnated-girl-12-having-abused-five.html It would be interesting to know if he was in a relationship with the mother or the aunt of the child.
  12. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: In Nine Years Ryan English will be out of Prison to Rape More Children

  13. Morbid

    Man sentenced after admitting to giving 3-year-old boy prostate exam

    LANSING, MI — A judge sentenced a man to 15 to 25 years in prison after he sodomized a toddler during, what he claimed was a prostate exam. The incident happened on July 4th, 2016 as the boy and his mother at her grandmother's house to attend a barbecue and watch fireworks. After watching the...
  14. Morbid

    Mother accused of using her 3-year-old daughter to make child porn

    HARRISBURG, PA – A mother in Ohio has been accused of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter four years ago. This July, 25-year-old David Carbonaro was arrested in Pennsylvania after investigators discovered him in the possession of images and video showing a 3-year-old girl in various stages...
  15. Sugar Cookie

    Update: Cannibal Couple: 12yo says she fried a heart & found it 'too sweet' but 'the brains were much more tasty

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Darrell Ross, 63 tried to take 3yo boy he has been accused of sexually assaulting after being released on bond

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Pedo, Billy Warren Pierce Jr 'But I haven't paid him any money yet' tried to get Neo-Nazi to kill 9YO girl & family

  18. Olivia

    Paedophile’s crimes were so horrific that police needed counselling

    Police investigating a paedophile needed counselling after viewing the man’s horrific collection of abuse images. Russell Jameson, 70, from Dunmow, Essex, hoarded abhorrent pictures and videos relating to the torture of babies and children as young as 18 months old. The financial advisor’s...
  19. Olivia

    Mark Buechler is a sick fuck

    This piece of shit with the proportionately fucked up face of a cartoon character. :YOW:Video in link. Gag me with a spoon.:vomit: http://amp.whec.com/news/predator-facing-29-counts/4940705/ A terrifying case in court. The sex crimes against Mark R. Buechler of Henrietta are so serious, the...
  20. Olivia

    Man Gets Prison Time After Forcing 5-year-old Boy To Piss In His Mouth

    Dude looks like a 70's porn star. Kid is 5!!! Wtf is wrong with humanity. Yes, Richard Zeier said, he did force a boy to urinate in his mouth on three separate occasions, but no, it wasn't sexual. On March 29, a judge ignored the difference and sentenced Zeier to three and-a-half years in...