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  1. Sugar Cookie

    A dog was beaten to death and then set on fire early Friday morning in Newark

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Love Connection Fail- Beastie Stabs Man 3 Times On Their First "Date"

  3. Sugar Cookie

    “I need to rape”, “I will tie her to my bed … rape her hard … she is so hot!!”

  4. Satanica

    School bus driver allegedly overdosed, revived with Narcan after crashing bus with 12 students onboard

    What could go wrong is she could pass out and have a wreck, and that's exactly what happened. There were 12 special needs children on the bus when it happened. No children were injured, thank goodness. Byrd was transporting the children home in a snowstorm at the time. She had to be revived...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Mother’s boyfriend arrested after 7-year-old boy found dead in Newark home

  6. Sugar Cookie

    3MO infant was slammed on changing table, had legs pulled roughly and grabbed in the rib cage area

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Pitbull Shot & Killed W Nail Gun Owners Said They Couldn't Afford To Put Her Down

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Mom Says Sorry For Being Shit, Skyler Fritz's Kicked 2 Year Old With Steel Toe Boot