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medical neglect

  1. Sugar Cookie

    One-Year-Old With Liver Transplant Misses Meds, Appointments; Parents Arrested

    A child who had a liver transplant missed several doctors' appointments and didn't get his medication, and now his parents are charged with child abuse. According to court documents, Kyla and Jason Witterman were for failing to take their 1-year-old son to his medical appointments after he had...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Rondasha Steward found her 4mo son in his crib unresponsive - said fuck it & left

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Pic Update: Punta Gorda Parents of Deceased 14-Month-Old Arrested After Investigation

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Tallahassee Twat failed to get help for physically abused child

    https://www.wtxl.com/news/local-news/deputies-tallahassee-woman-failed-to-get-help-for-physically-abused-child?fbclid=IwAR0ZwrKZ3JRb4RNP4cKtN9Z4F6OmQmaoNZqeReZF2gvgwA73hmUpy-valAc Penis is in the wind
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Egg was "feeling lazy & had no motivation" to take her 2yo to a doctor after knocking him upside the head

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Laqayette & Trayon didn't take their 6yo son to the hospital after he was shot by his 8yo cousin

  7. Sugar Cookie

    An ant-covered bowl of noodles & Vienna sausages in child's room- only evidence 12yo was fed

  8. Sugar Cookie

    1yo Carter Lopez was undernourished, had sunken eyes, green teeth & discoloration in his abdominal area

    https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/nellis-airman-ex-wife-arrested-in-1-year-old-sons-2017-death-1613850/ I would read at link for complete article.
  9. Sugar Cookie

    Montique McLean accused of failing to get proper medical attention for son bitten by oppossum

  10. Sugar Cookie

    The parents of a three-year-old Oklahoma girl have been arrested after she died from a 17-pound cancerous tumor

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Michael D. Lewis neglected to properly care for his 1-year-old son who was on a ventilator

  12. Sugar Cookie

    2yo girl's injuries were untreated for so long that bacteria set in & ate away significant oral & facial structures

  13. Sugar Cookie

    2 yo has skin lesions, open wounds, loss of the flesh on 75% of each buttock, & 2 fluid filled blisters on a foot

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Carlos Alaniz, admitted he would slap, hit and kick the boy, 1 in the head becasue he looked like his bio dad

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Update Sanaa Cunningham, 7 , Was Forced To Sleep Outside & Put In Restraints