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  1. crys_xoxo

    Maine man used unsuspecting father as getaway driver for bank robbery

    "Joseph Donald Tilton, 39, was dropped off at a Lewiston bank by his father Keith in the afternoon, according to an affidavit. Keith Tilton believed his son needed to cash a check. However, police said Joseph Tilton actually robbed the bank. The bank teller told authorities that she thought the...
  2. crys_xoxo

    Teenager charged with manslaughter told police he threw rock during fatal fight

    "Emmanuel Knurunziza, 18, appeared in Lewiston District Court after he was arrested as a juvenile earlier in the day by Maine State Police in Limestone. He was 17 years old at the time of the fight. The felony is punishable in adult court by up to 30 years in prison. In addition to Knurunziza...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    'Nanny-cam' video shows evidence of abuse of six-month-old in Lewiston