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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Man accused of punching his 2wo son in the head & leaving the body for the mother to find

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Harvard-trained doc accused of having pregnant mistress kidnapped & drugged to induce labor

  3. Sugar Cookie

    A newborn buried alive by her mother in Brazil was dug up and eaten by a pig & a dog

  4. Sugar Cookie

    A mom asked the father of her 3wo daughter "why he was crying' after she slit the infant's throat

  5. Sugar Cookie

    'I did not want this baby'; 'She was crying, She was alive when I was burying her'

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Man does not recall taking 25-day-old sleeping infant outside and abusing her to death

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Body Of Newborn Found In Azusa Dumpster

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Update: Baby boy discovered buried in flower bed was killed "to prevent family shame."

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Woman, drowns her newborn son before dumping his body in maggot-infested bushes as revenge

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Rachel Tunstill killed her newborn with a pair of scissors is found guilty of murder for a 2nd time

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Jani Morris, 15, has been charged as an adult in the death of her newborn son after he was left in a DUMPSTER

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Dawid W did not want to have anymore children with Aleksandra J so they killed four of their newborns

  13. Sugar Cookie

    One week after a funeral was held for a deceased infant known as “Baby Jane Doe,” woman & male minor arrested

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Alyssa Anne Dayvault is accused of killing two newborns and disposing of their bodies in the trash

  15. Sugar Cookie

    38yo Christopher Kennedy strangles newborn baby after getting 16-year-old girl pregnant

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Baby dies in Bali after US woman allegedly threw it from car

  17. Sugar Cookie

    newborn twin sisters were found on the roadside in the Philippines, only one survives

  18. Forensicwx

    It Took 10 Mins For 15yo Aussie Dad To Drop And Stomp His Newborn, Charged W/murder

    "A 15-YEAR-OLD boy was supposed to spend a hospital visit last February learning to take care of his month-old son, but yesterday in a Perth court the teenager admitted to killing his baby during that visit. The teenager, now 16, appeared in Perth Children’s Court yesterdaypleading guilty to...
  19. Sugar Cookie

    Newborn " Baby Pearl " Was Found Naked & Covered In Bite Marks In Bluebell Forest

  20. Sugar Cookie

    14 Y O Mom “ Caused The Death Of Her Newborn Baby Boy ”