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illegal alien

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Massachusetts judge indicted on obstruction of justice charges for helping criminal evade I.C.E

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Congratulations Carlos Perez Corona is expecting a baby with a 13yo girl

  3. Sugar Cookie

    2x deported illegal found hiding in a closet is charged with raping a 12-year-old girl

    https://whnt.com/2019/03/12/illegal-immigrant-charged-with-raping-girl-in-marshall-county/ A FB I found that is under his alias says he is a father or a play father.
  4. Sugar Cookie

    Bambi Larson was stalked and murdered by an illegal alien who was protected from I.C.E

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Juan Lopez already deported for 87' murder returns & is sentenced 49yrs for raping a family friend

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Ever L Martinez-Reyes knocked woman out and raped her in her front yard , captured before returning to El Salvador

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Alfonso Alarcon-nunez Used Uber Job To Rape & Rob Women