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  1. crys_xoxo

    “if you call the cops, I will put you six feet under” - Jose Rosario

    "Jose Rosario is accused assaulting the victim and threatening her by saying, “if you call the cops, I will put you six feet under,” according to police. He then allegedly covered the victim’s face with his hand, causing her to have trouble breathing, police say. The victim later called police...
  2. crys_xoxo

    Timothy Moriarty terrorized pregnant GF & verbally abused her 10yo daughter while on bail for stalking them

    Timothy Moriarty, 43, is a culinary arts teacher at Poinciana High School in Osceola County, Florida He has been arrested twice in the past two weeks for stalking and harassing his pregnant girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter First alleged incident took place on January 27 at Moriarty's...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Today In India: We recovered the knife and genitals

  4. Satanica

    FRONT PAGE ‘yes, I Peed In Co-worker’s Water Bottle, But I Had A Good Reason’

  5. Jaded

    Daycare Worker Caught On Camera Pushing Young Girl Down Flight Of Stairs

    CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA — Police have arrested a daycare worker after she was caught on camera pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. The incident happened Friday afternoon at the Child Care of the Future daycare, just minutes after a new surveillance camera had been installed. A...
  6. Jaded

    Angry Beaver Arrested After Biting His Wife’s Face For Touching His Utz Potato Chips

    Frackville, PA — George Beaver, 59, is in police custody for allegedly biting his wife’s face after she touched his bag of Utz Potato Chips. Police were called to the Beaver’s home last week after receiving a report about domestic assault between George and his wife, Michelle. When officers...