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golf cart

  1. crys_xoxo

    Man Charged With Murder, DUI, Driving Without A License After Hitting 2 Men Riding In Golf Cart

    "Officials say Lazaro Pozzo Illas was heading Northbound when he sped through a cross walk and struck two men riding in a golf cart. Both men were ejected from the golf cart following the collision. They were taken to University Hospital for treatment, where one was later pronounced dead. The...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    2 Florida 5th graders brought a wrench, pliers & other tools to campus as part of their plot to kill a 3rd student & escape in a golf cart

    If A dupe please report https://www.newsleader.com/story/news/nation/2019/01/16/elementary-students-planned-murder-plot-tallahassee/2596677002/?fbclid=IwAR20WNZCnQUc2DIBQhS62PsuISrrOOpcVkaOvRXglQhnS9a2sVb6bV1Z6U0