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  1. crys_xoxo

    Christopher Cleary just wants a girlfriend to love him!!

  2. LarzlovesJahi

    Beating Video Surfaces, Danry Vasquez Loses Baseball Job

    Way to throw a career path away; although he never made it past the minors. Vasquez recently came back to the US to play for the Lancaster Barnstormers. Perhaps he thought his time out of the country would somehow erase old footage taken when he played with the Corpus Christi Hooks. This 2016...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Dad Downplays His Nutsucker Rubbing 3 Y O Daughter's Face On Cement Floor

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Erick Ruscitti's Penis Poncho Used Temp Tatts & Make-up To Cover Bruises

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Cookie Monster Was " Upset Someone Had Eaten The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie "