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  1. crys_xoxo

    Largest housing-fraud case in O.C. history allegedly carried out by mother-daughter duo

    "Ericca Mickens and her daughter Brittany Mickens are facing felony charges accused of scamming the county's Section 8 housing and its in-home supportive services program. They were allegedly bilking the system to fund a lavish lifestyle. "These two individuals are accused of stealing upwards...
  2. Old Man Metal

    Featured Florida Man Uses Ill-Gotten Gains For Massive Dental Overhaul

    DeBARY, FL — A Florida Man has been arrested after committing a massive financial fraud that netted him new teeth and every kid's birthday wish. Timothy Powell is dumb as hell, but he has a great smile. The Florida man was reportedly recruited by a gang of thieves to help them with their dirty...
  3. timothy_powell.jpg


    Timothy Powell
  4. Old Man Metal

    Featured South Carolina Woman Helps Dead Speak, Gets Convicted

    CHARLESTON, SC — A South Carolina woman was convicted of health care fraud in federal court for billing the government for fraudulent speech therapy services. Sometimes the dead speak. Due to the natural process of decay, they often do not do so clearly. They need speech therapy. That's where...
  5. gena_randolph.jpg


    Gena Randolph
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Larissa Rodriguez Arrested After Her 5 Year Old Disabled Child Is Found Buried In Backyard

  7. EchaSez

    Scott Kennedy Gave Escort Crystal Lundberg Carte Blanche With Company Card, Spent Nearly 6 Million.

  8. EchaSez

    Phyllistone Termine Was Writing A Fraud To-do List When The Cops Came.