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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Caretaker OD's On Kratom: Passed Out And Sleeping As His Down Syndrome Patient Dies In Hot Car

  2. crys_xoxo

    Deceased Officials Searching For Woman, Four Children, After They've Been Missing For Six Weeks

    "The Marion County Sheriff's Office is searching for a woman and her four children after they have been missing for six weeks...
  3. FrayedKnot

    Miami “preacher man” rapes girls, 9 and 10 years old; makes them watch each others’ assaults

  4. crys_xoxo

    Florida Teen Paid 2 Different People To Kill Her Parents

    "Officials with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Alyssa Hatcher, 17, stole her parents debit card and withdrew money that she then used to pay people she wanted to kill her parents. Deputies said the murder-for-hire plot came to light after another teenager told a Lake County Sheriff's...
  5. crys_xoxo

    Fla. Woman Accused Of Letting Her 2 Dogs Kill Duckling While She Kicked Mother Duck Away

    "On Sept. 1, witnesses allegedly saw 59-year-old Bonnie Nave allow her two dogs to kill a duckling, CBS17, WSPTV and the Associated Press report. When the duckling’s mother tried to stop the attack, Nave allegedly kicked her several times so her dogs could kill the duckling. According to an...
  6. crys_xoxo

    Drunken Marine Breaks Into Home, Cooks Food, Tells Homeowner To "Go Back To Sleep"

    "The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said Gavin Asher Richard Crim entered a home through an unlocked door and began cooking and eating food. The homeowner didn't know Crim. Deputies say Crim then told the homeowner to "go back to sleep." When the homeowner said he was going to call the...
  7. crys_xoxo

    Florida: Police Officer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges, Held Without Bond

    "Gabriel Albala, 45, of Margate, Fla. was ordered held without bond following an appearance in Fort Lauderdale federal court Friday. The FBI interviewed Albala on Thursday morning before arresting him in the afternoon, according to FBI Miami. Boynton Beach Chief of Police, Michael G. Gregory...
  8. Sugar Cookie

    A 14yo Male Beat Toddler To Death He Was Babysitting With His Fist & Belt Over Her Crying

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Woman Made Two Female Toddlers Engage In Sexual Acts For Man's Sexual Gratification

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/mum-forced-toddlers-sex-sick-19035232?fbclid=IwAR3QgILj2kfAd4KT9125wmq2mLEy9-Yw_7jU_9IVFnb4HTphOVbKwNunf5I http://www.madisonfl.net/blog/roberto-oquendo-38-brevard-county-sentenced-to-50-years-in-federal-prison-for-production-of-child-pornography/
  10. Sugar Cookie

    Florida Woman Attacks Elderly Boyfriend, Grabs His Genitals After Arguing Over TV Remote Control

  11. Ducky

    Man Murders Sister, Mom, Infant Nephew, Goes on Naked Assault Spree

    A minor league baseball player’s wife, son and mother-in-law were allegedly murdered Tuesday by his brother-in-law in their rural Virginia hometown, according to reports. Deputies found the body of a woman in a driveway and the bodies of another woman and a child inside the home in Keeling...
  12. Sugar Cookie

    Florida Woman hit A Girl, 7, With A Belt After The Child Refused To Pick Up A Cockroach

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Florida Man®: Lakeland Senior High School Teacher Says He’d “Be The Best School Shooter”

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Animal control tried to take the temperature of dog left in hot car; thermometer stopped working when it hit 107 degrees

  15. crys_xoxo

    Couple Charged After 2MO Infant Found to Have Severe Injuries

    "On August 20, the infant was brought to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg after bruising was found during a routine medical checkup. The severe injuries she had suffered were discovered there and doctors determined they were likely the result of physical abuse. In a police report...
  16. Sugar Cookie

    Video shows woman shoving emaciated dog into trunk of car outside humane society

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Florida Soccer Coach Took A Nine-Year-Old Boy To Buy Knee Pads

  18. crys_xoxo

    A Father Wanted To Finish His Poker Game — So He Left His Toddler Home Alone

    "Anthony Macchi may have been on a hot streak during a poker game Saturday night, but he had to take care of some personal business first, according to Pasco County deputies. He had to drop off his son at the boy’s mother’s house. The simple act landed him behind bars. The offense...
  19. crys_xoxo

    2 Moms Charged In Adoption Scams Were Florida Jail Inmates

    "Authorities arrested Angelica Lopez, 30, on Wednesday and Ceara Rae Stowe, 26, on Friday on one and two counts of adoption deception, respectively because Stowe gave birth to twins. In both cases, the adoptive parents from Florida and Nebraska communicated with the women while in jail and...
  20. crys_xoxo

    Missing Boaters Missing After Leaving Port Canaveral Boat Ramp Friday

    "Officials in Brevard County and the Coast Guard are searching for two missing boaters. Brian McCluney and Justin Walker were last seen leaving the 300 Christopher Columbus Boat Ramp on Friday around 11 a.m. Officials said the pair were believed to have gone offshore around 30 miles and were...