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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Update Warning: 4yo Malachi Lawson was not missing, he was in a dumpster, mother & partner arrested

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Newborn rescused from a dumpster; 15yo incubator cited & released to her parents

  3. Sugar Cookie

    "Candy" was found in a dumpster on Detroit's east side

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Woman delivers newborn and throws him in a dumpster so she can continue to party with friends

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Body Of Newborn Found In Azusa Dumpster

  6. Sugar Cookie

    "You know, its times like this you kind of realize that dogs have better souls than people”

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Body Found: South Carolina landfill being searched for body of 6-month-old, report says

  8. Sugar Cookie

    8 Week Old Puppy Found Whimpering In Dumpster (cutie)

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Puppy Wrapped In A Plastic Bag Found In A Dumpster

  10. Muriel Schwenck

    Kathryn Green Asked Her Neighbor To Toss Her Dead Baby In The Dumpster. He Thought She Was Joking

    http://kfor.com/2017/07/25/medical-examiners-report-reveals-more-details-on-newborn-baby-found-dead-in-enid-dumpster/ Enid, Oklahoma A baby was found in a dumpster in April 2017 after residents reported a stench. Cause of death is now being released...
  11. Forensicwx

    Apt Complex Employee Heard Crying From The Trash Compactor, Jumps In And Rescues Newborn

    Courtesy of @Buffettgirl http://www.king5.com/mb/news/local/newborn-found-in-dumpster-will-survive/103858910 Yikes! This story says it was a trash compactor and she was about to hit the button when she heard the cries...
  12. Sue sue

    Fl. Mom Tosses Her Toddler In The Dumpster Outside A Hospital

    Catrice Yolanda Sheffield thinks people are crazy after observing her erratic behavior outside Plantation General Hospital. People witness her hanging around the dumpster, lifting the lid tossing her 2 year old daughter and leaving. Fortunately two medical personnel witness her actions and...