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death metal

  1. Old Man Metal

    Featured Old Man Metal Rates: "All Out Of Candy" Edition

    Maat - As We Create the Hope From Above (2014) 4/5 stars. Maat play excellent Egyptian-themed death metal, largely in the vein of Nile: multi-tempo, very demanding technical death metal riffing combined with Eastern-flavored thematic rhythm guitar work and leads, both of which are often played...
  2. tomb_mold-planetary_clairvoyance_300.jpg


    Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance (2019)
  3. Ribspreader-Crawl-and-Slither_300.jpg


    Ribspreader - Crawl and Slither (2019)
  4. inert-vermin_300.jpg


    Inert - Vermin (2019)
  5. Maat-As_We_Create_the_Hope_From_Above_300.jpg


    Maat - As We Create the Hope From Above (2014)
  6. Old Man Metal

    Featured Old Man Metal Rates: "Watch The World Burn" Edition

    Lowest Creature - Sacrilegious Pain (2019) 4/5 stars. Lowest Creature play a straightforward style of metal that sees compelling mid-tempo thrash and crossover riffs bolted together into uncomplicated verse/chorus structures, driven in alternating fits by D-beats and thrash-style drumming, with...
  7. Beheaded-Only_Death_Can_Save_You_300.jpg


    Beheaded - Only Death Can Save You (2019)
  8. Deathswarm-Shadowlands_of_Darkness_300.jpg


    Deathswarm - Shadowlands of Darkness (2019)
  9. Lowest_Creature-Sacrilegious_Pain_300.jpg


    Lowest Creature - Sacrilegious Pain (2019)
  10. Old Man Metal

    Featured Old Man Metal Rates: "Bang! You're Dead" Edition

    Legion of the Damned - Slaves of the Shadow Realm (2019) 4 out of 5 stars. Primarily mid- and up-tempo thrash riffing, with the neck-snapping riff and tempo changes you expect from good thrash, played against the occasional tremolo-picked death metal passage. The drumming follows suit, again...
  11. Goregäng-Neon_Graves_300.jpg


    Goregäng - Neon Graves (2019)
  12. Fetid-Steeping_Corporeal_Mess_300.jpg


    Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess (2019)
  13. Ares_Kingdom-By_the_Light_of_Their_Destruction_300.jpg


    Ares Kingdom - By the Light of Their Destruction (2019)
  14. Gods-Forsaken_Smells-of-Death_300.jpg


    Gods Forsaken - Smells of Death (2019)
  15. Old Man Metal

    Featured Album of the Year: Midyear Check-In

    It's a bit over halfway through the year, so I thought I'd take a quick look at the frontrunners in the perennial race for Album of the Year. So far, the Top 5 is a battle between death metal (2 albums) and black/thrash (2 albums), with death/thrash staking out a piece of territory as well. Two...
  16. ravenous_death-chapters_of_an_evil_transition_300.jpg


    Ravenous Death - Chapters of An Evil Transition
  17. okkultist-reinventing_evil_300.jpg


    Okkultist - Reinventing Evil
  18. Old Man Metal

    Old Man Metal's Musings, Episode 2

    Join Pulpit of Doom and Screamin Demon host Old Man Metal on the second episode of his solo podcast as he looks at the 2016 release of Founders KBS imperial stout and the top 5 current contenders for Metal Album of the Year for 2019: Ravenous Death (black/death), Warfist (black/thrash)...
  19. Old Man Metal

    Old Man Metal's Musings, Episode 1

    Join Pulpit of Doom and Screamin Demon host Old Man Metal on the premiere episode of his solo podcast as he looks at five of his favorite songs from 2018: hardcore/black/thrash from Poland's Mentor, old-school Swedish death metal from Feral, a blend of old-school Swedish and American brutal/tech...
  20. Old Man Metal

    Featured New Research: Death Metal Has Positive Effect On Fans, Doesn't Desensitize Them To Violence

    The most recent in a decades-long series of psychological experiments into the emotional effects of music has demonstrated something that I could have told you for free: listening to death metal has a positive mental effect on fans, does not desensitize them to violence, and scares the shit out...