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death metal

  1. Old Man Metal

    Old Man Metal's Musings, Episode 1

    Join Pulpit of Doom and Screamin Demon host Old Man Metal on the premiere episode of his solo podcast as he looks at five of his favorite songs from 2018: hardcore/black/thrash from Poland's Mentor, old-school Swedish death metal from Feral, a blend of old-school Swedish and American brutal/tech...
  2. Old Man Metal

    Featured New Research: Death Metal Has Positive Effect On Fans, Doesn't Desensitize Them To Violence

    The most recent in a decades-long series of psychological experiments into the emotional effects of music has demonstrated something that I could have told you for free: listening to death metal has a positive mental effect on fans, does not desensitize them to violence, and scares the shit out...
  3. Old Man Metal

    New Release Entombed Announce May Release Of 'Clandestine - Live'

    Formed from the ashes of the pioneering Swedish death metal band Nihilist in 1989, and universally considered to be one of the Big Four Of Swedish Death Metal, the influence of Entombed on that scene cannot be overstated. Their first full-length album, 1990's Left Hand Path, was the second LP...
  4. Old Man Metal

    Featured Erik Rutan To Fill In For Pat O'Brien On Upcoming Cannibal Corpse Tours

    Cannibal Corpse have recently announced that famed death metal guitarist and producer Erik Rutan will fill in for recently-arrested Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien for two upcoming tours: the Decibel Magazine Tour, which Cannibal Corpse will co-headline with Morbid Angel, and the US leg of...
  5. Erik_Rutan_C_Alex_Morgan_Imaging.jpg


    Erik Rutan, guitarist for death metal band Hate Eternal, copyright Alex Morgan Imaging
  6. Old Man Metal

    New Release Wrathrone - Reflections of Torment

    Wrathrone's most recent release, Reflections of Torment, is my current frontrunner for 2018 Album of the Year. This is the second full-length release from these Finnish death metallers, and it is an ass-kicking ten-track slab of old-school death metal. In style, it reminds me more of early 90's...
  7. wrathrone_reflections-of-torment-700x700.jpg


    Wrathrone - Reflections of Torment