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dead baby

  1. ghosttruck

    Newborn Found Wrapped In Plastic Bag Trunk, Parents Arrested

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Dead Baby Found In Dutch Kills Park Garbage Can

  3. Muriel Schwenck

    Kathryn Green Asked Her Neighbor To Toss Her Dead Baby In The Dumpster. He Thought She Was Joking

    http://kfor.com/2017/07/25/medical-examiners-report-reveals-more-details-on-newborn-baby-found-dead-in-enid-dumpster/ Enid, Oklahoma A baby was found in a dumpster in April 2017 after residents reported a stench. Cause of death is now being released...
  4. Sue sue

    Michael Barber (dom) Gave 11mo A Hot Bath.

    Michael Barbara gave the baby a bath. He must not know about water safety because baby boysuffered severe burns to his legs, buttocks and gential. Of course the mom was away at work when this occurred. It mus be standard procedure when bathing the baby you must have to bite them in the...