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crack cocaine

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Jamie Hudson Left Her Toddler On A Bus W/ Homeless Man She Just Met To Go To "Work"

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Mama June busted for Crack possession at a gas station in Alabama

  3. Old Man Metal

    Featured Pennsylvania Man Sells Narcotics To Protect Others

    SANDY RIDGE, PA — A Pennsylvania man was arrested for distribution of narcotics, even though he claimed to have the best interests of others at heart. Some people are just humanitarians. They care about the people around them, even people that they don't really know, and they will go to great...
  4. crack_offer.jpg


    crack cocaine being offered by a friendly chap
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Ladies: Meet Tall, Dark & Stabby Willie Fred Heaven, he likes beating women, stealing cars & crack

    http://www.ocala.com/news/20180901/man-charged-thursday-with-august-kidnapping-and-beating-of-woman http://www.ocalapost.com/girlfriend-gives-away-crack-cocaine-stabbed-20-times/
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Kathryn E. Christensen, The Face That Could Kill A Thousand Dicks Has Been Arrested