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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Ryan Mausner wanted to make sexy time with mother and her seven year old daughter

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Edward Berdan found guilty of causing 10 broken ribs, deadly brain injury to infant daughter

  3. ghosttruck

    Colorado Man Killed Mountain Lion With Bare Hands After Being Attacked During Trail Run

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Charter school employee arrested on charge of sex assault on a child

  5. crys_xoxo

    Missing 17yo Samantha Herrera believed to have been kidnapped by her 19yo ex-bf who had a restraining order preventing him from contacting her

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/amber-alert-issued-for-colorado-teen-17-believed-to-have-been-kidnapped-by-her-19-year-old-ex-boyfriend-who-had-a-restraining-order-preventing-him-from-contacting-her/ar-BBS1Uyc?li=BBnbcA1 An Amber Alert has been issued on Tuesday night for a Colorado teen...
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Woman arrested after 7-year-old boy found dead in Denver storage unit

  7. crys_xoxo

    Heith Gleason says his 13yo son earned his "man card" for helping with murder

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/father-allegedly-said-son-got-%e2%80%98man-card%e2%80%99-for-participating-in-woman%e2%80%99s-murder/ar-BBRlonJ Much of the claim stems from the account by a 24-year-old male witness. In the affidavit, he told deputies that he, the Gleasons and 41-year-old...
  8. crys_xoxo

    Missing Kelsey Berreth has been missing since Thanksgiving!!

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/search-intensifies-for-colorado-mom-who-went-missing-on-thanksgiving/ar-BBQJETq?li=BBnbfcL For more than two weeks, no one has seen or heard from 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth. One of the last places the young mother was seen was on Thanksgiving Day at a Safeway...
  9. Sugar Cookie

    9 Puppies that were just hours old were stuffed into a plastic bag and then left to die in woods

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Dr. Barry W. King dyed a pussy purple

  11. crys_xoxo

    Police Sgt. Joseph Rodarte arrested for assault has long history of accusations

    https://kdvr.com/2018/10/19/denver-officer-arrested-for-assault-has-long-history-of-accusations/ DENVER -- A Denver police officer arrested for second-degree assault has been accused of inappropriate force 21 times in his 28-year career. Sergeant Joseph Rodarte has been suspended without pay...
  12. crys_xoxo

    Missing 4yo Anneberlin Perrone & 3yo Grayson Perrone Vanish with Mom & Her Soldier Husband After Court Orders Them Into Protective Custody

    https://people.com/crime/colorado-siblings-missing-mom-husband-after-protective-order/ Two Colorado children are still missing more than two weeks after they disappeared with their mother and her husband as the court moved to put them in protective custody, PEOPLE confirms...
  13. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Daughter turns in repeat sex offender, Frank Wietecha after she finds child porn on his phone

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Shaun Obyrne's 2mo son is not the first child to die in his care, he had 17 breaks to his ribs

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Gabriel Navarrete smothered 8MO Adrian to death for crying

  16. TheMorningStar

    Man Who Was Dressed As A Demonic Clown With Bladed Gloves Got Stabbey Outside Torchy’s Tacos

  17. TheMorningStar

    Angelique Sanchez Had An Exploding Jar Of Pee

  18. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Josiah Jones Got 28 Yrs For Killing 3 M O Daughter, Naomi

  19. Sugar Cookie

    Teacher Slapped Students, Wouldn't Let Them Use Bathroom & Threw Away Their Lunches

  20. Sugar Cookie

    Richard Warry Brown Got His Ass Beat & A Summons For Misdemeanor Child Abuse