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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Taxi driver hauls boy, six, from cab then 'beheads' him with shard of glass

  2. Sugar Cookie

    A man beheaded his lover 'because the cabbage soup she cooked wasn't tasty', say Russian police

  3. TheMorningStar

    Mariah Lopez Was Beheaded After Watching Her Grandmother Killed In Cemetery

  4. Oberle

    Wang Ching-yu Decapitates 3 Year-old With A Cleaver

    Wang Ching-yu In a truly horrific story from Taiwan, a 33 year-old man with past mental health issues allegedly hacked off the head of a 3 year-old girl who was just out riding her bicycle with her mother. Wang Ching-yu was detained by "residents and passersby," and has been arrested for the...