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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter Shares Why She Won’t Accept Children Who Are Asleep, And The Reason Is Heartbreaking

    Interesting read https://www.fempositive.com/babysitter-shares-why-she-wont-accept-children-who-are-asleep-and-the-reason-is-heartbreaking/
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Moms return home and find babysitter, James De La Vega, 50 sexually assaulting year-old girl

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Rosa Ramirez told crying 4mo to shut up & put her in cradle and shook it up and down for 30 minutes,

  4. Sugar Cookie

    6-year-olds make shitty babysitters, Amy Bradley told police she had to pick her penis up from work

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: " Uncle " Offers To Babysit 5 Y O Girl So Her Parents Can Go Clubbing

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter Will Not Explain How 6 M O Ryder Kilburn Fractured His Skull

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Jaquest Norris, Was Angry Over A Dirty Diaper & Beat 9 M O Monte To Death

  8. Sugar Cookie

    “ The Worst Blunt Force Trauma In An Infant They Had Seen That Had Not Died "

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter Caught Digging Nails Into 15 M O Scalp & Covering Mouth & Nose, Shannon Gillen Arrested

  10. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Man Sexually Assaults 4 Y O Girl Tells Cops He Thought She Was 18 Y O Babysitter

  11. Alf

    J L, A M Accused Of Child Abuse

    A belated tip o' the watch cap to @aranka. Link 1 -- I think Link 2 This story comes from Canada. It appears that CBC may have filters in place that prevent anybody except Canadians from reading these stories; at any rate, it delivered the stories then almost immediately gave me a 404 error...
  12. everjaded

    Tampa Babysitter Arrested For Teaching 10 Yr Old How To Make And Set Off Acid Bombs

    I just... :eek: An off duty deputy heard a loud explosion in a subdivision and went to investigate. Makes you really wonder what else this kid was taught in the four years he was babysat by this guy...
  13. Sue sue

    Elena Bass Caught On Nanny Cam Slamming Baby

    Elana Bass is not a good nanny. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/brooklyn-babysitter-charged-abusing-6-month-old-girl-article-1.2480900
  14. Sue sue

    Yvette Douglas Burns Toddlers Hands Because He Won't Let Her Wash Them

  15. Fives My Charm

    Once Again It's Betrayal